1840Iwakichi Kajima begins carpentry business in Edo (present day Tokyo)
1860Kajima pioneers first Western-style building in Yokohama
(Ei-Ichiban Kan: Jardine Matheson’s trade house)
1880Establishes Kajima Gumi (first company name)
1891Construction begins on the Usui Railway Line
1899Railway construction projects begin in Korea and Taiwan
1924Completes Japan's first concrete dam (Ohmine Dam)
1949Founds the Kajima Technical Research Institute (first research facility in Japanese construction industry)
1957Completes Japan's first nuclear reactor
1963Attain the world No.1 construction company ranking (by total contract value)
Constructs facilities for Tokyo Olympic Games
Completes the New Tanna Tunnel for the Shinkansen
1964Establishes Kajima International Incorporated (KII) in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
1968Completes Japan's first high-rise building (Kasumigaseki Building)
1969Kajima Design Division wins the design competition for new Supreme Court building
1971Completes 47-story Keio Plaza Hotel (Japan's first super-high-rise hotel) in Shinjuku
1972Completes new Supreme Court building project
1974Completes various high-rise building in Tokyo
1978Completes the International Trade Center in Berlin
1982Receives the Deming Prize of TQC
1983Establishes Chung-Lu Sino-Kajima Construction Co., Ltd. in Taiwan
1984Completes the New Kokugikan Sumo Arena in Tokyo
1987Establishes Kajima Europe B.V. (KE) in Netherlands
1988Establishes Kajima Overseas Asia Pte. Ltd. (KOA) in Singapore
Completes the Seikan Tunnel in Japan (world's longest tunnel of about 54km)
1990Completes the tallest building in Europe, Messe Turm in Frankfurt
1994Completes the Kansai International Airport in Osaka
1995Renovates the Suez Canal tunnel in Egypt
1997Completes the Tokyo Bay Aqualine
1998Completes the Akasi Kaikyo Bridge
2001Opens the Kajima Warsaw office
2002Establishes Kajima Europe Sp.zo.o branch in Poland
Establishes Kajima Europe B.V. Czech branch
Completes Saitama Stadium for 2002 FIFA World Cup
2004Establishes of Kajima (Shanghai) Construction Co.,Ltd in China