Kajima Projects - Industrial Facilities

2004Bridgestone / Poznań
​Client: Bridgestone Poland Sp. z o.o.
Completed: 2003-2004
Scope of work: General contracting of demolition works, civil works (incl.technological vulcanisation channel)M&E internal installation (incl.air-conditioning and ventilation system) external area, correction of external M&E networks, pavements
Location: Poznań, 65 Bałtycka St.
Plot area: 26,697 m2
Total area / production hall: 15,700 m2
Total area / office and social building: 5,000 m2
Total area / jointly: 20,700 m2
Author of design:Architectural Design Company Sadowski Sadowska
Description: In 2004, Kajima has developed and modernised the Bridgestone tire production plant. A rolling mill and a three-story office-building have been added. The development was carried out with simultaneous production activity of the plant. This required the establishment and observance of a complex schedule of supply and assembly for each part of the work so that they do not interfere with the ongoing production process. The scope of the contract also included the construction of a tire service duct in reinforced concrete technology, with a depth of 6 m.