Kajima Projects - Logistics Centres
2009Frigo Logistic / Radomsko
Client: Frigo Logistic Sp.z o.o.
Completed: 2008-2009
Scope of work: General contracting including refrigeration technology and racks equipped, Building Permit Design, Execution Design
Location: Radomsko, 3 Przedsiębiorców St.
Plot area:  50,680 m2
Total building area: 14,000 m2
Description: The Frigo Logistics deep freezer consists of four major functional parts. The first two are: a food deep freezer high storage hall (with an interior temperature up to -24 °C) and the dispatch hall (with an interior temperature of at least 0,4 °C), both interconnected with a system of sliding walls and evacuation doors. The site also has a developed technical sector and a two-story office area. The deep freezer is equipped with decompression valves, balancing the pressure between the environment and the interior of the chamber on a current basis.