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We, KAJIMA, provide value to clients and the community through good buildings. We build with spirit and with care for the environment to create the best for the future.

Kajima serves its clients by applying rational and scientific principles and a humanitarian outlook to create buildings which meet their needs, are an asset to the community and contribute to society. In achieving the best results for our clients we focus on what is important to them: on time, on budget delivery and quality control. We adopt the principle of “putting the construction site first” in our management. We encourage everyone at each site to “build with the heart and soul of a craftsman” to construct buildings and structures that will be valuable to their users.

Since establishing operations here in 2002, Kajima Poland has successfully applied this approach to building logistic centres, industrial and commercial buildings, and residential complexes. We have completed many projects across a wide range of sectors for both Polish and international clients from the US, Japan and Europe. Our offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw employ over 150 Polish and Japanese professionals, who work in multi-skilled teams including architects, design engineers, procurement managers, construction managers, site engineers, and other specialists, to deliver the best for our clients.

The Management Board of Kajima Poland sp. z o. o.: left, Mr. Masanori Iwasaki, Chairman; right, Mr. Maciej Runkiewicz, President.

Our mission in Poland is to maintain our leading position in the industrial and logistics market, to develop other market segments where the Kajima approach can bring benefits to our clients, particularly the office sector, and to increase our turnover and the size of our team. We believe in sustainable, controlled growth, based on sound management, a commitment to quality of service, and staff development. In this way we will ensure continued client satisfaction at every stage and cement our place as an important member of the Kajima worldwide family.

Design and Build

The Kajima Design and Build approach enables us consistently to satisfy client expectations. Kajima as general contractor combining the design and build functions simplifies the construction process for our clients by establishing a single point of contact for all tasks leading to effective communication and rapid responses. As we understand the interface between design and construction so we are able to develop valuable engineering solutions for our clients. Quality is assured through Kajima, as a single entity, being responsible for every aspect of the construction from design to completion. This unified approach ensures that Kajma’s clients avoid delays and cost over runs and enjoy a shorter completion time.


Kajima’s tradition of service extends to everything we do for our clients. We apply our experience and skills in project management to define precisely the project requirements, prepare a suitable design, and closely supervise every aspect of project time management, cost management, and sub-contracting. Where we work on extending an existing building, we ensure that extension and renovation activities benefit from our business continuity planning to minimise disruption to continuing operations. Kajima is also able to help with site search, evaluation, and purchase. We can assist with investment analysis, including budgeting and scheduling the investment. From concept to interior design and fit-out, Kajima applies the same commitment to client satisfaction.

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Awarded security

Health and safety at work is our highest priority. In recognition of our safety first approach to the construction process, we have been repeatedly honored with the awards from the National Labor Inspectorate.

Quality and care for the environment

Kajima is a leader in the construction industry in providing environmentally sustainable building solutions. We follow technological trends, develop solutions, and build to ensure environmental efficiency. This means looking at each building in terms of its function, the quality of the environment for those who use or occupy it, and the effect it has on the wider environment through the materials and energy used and any emissions or pollution. In this way, we build more valuable, sustainable buildings in harmony with their users and the environment. We also act as project assessors and projects undertaken by us receive BREEAM and LEED certificates.